District profile and thrust area


Narayanpur District surrounded by Kanker district to the North, Bijapur and Dantewada districts to the south and Bastar district to the East of Chhattisgarh state and Maharastra state to the West. Latitude 190, 42.9 m to the North and Longitude 810, 14.7 m to the East. Average Rainfall: 1324 mm, Average Temperature in Summer: 33 deg C and in Winter: 20 deg C, Population Density: 20 people per square kilometer, Literacy Rate: 49.59 % - Male: 58.97 %, Female: 40.22 % and Male Female Ratio: 1000:998

Geographical area 664000 ha.
Forest area 123800.9 ha
Cultivated area70900 ha
Double cropped area1979 ha
Average rainfall1305.8 mm
Irrigated area6703 ha.
Kharif irrigated area9.41%
Rabi irrigated area3.96%
Cropping intensity105%
Fertilizer consumption (N:P:K)
Total blocks02
Scheduled tribes89775
Scheduled caste3318
Total farm families154762
Major cropsRice, maize, minor millets, Niger, Black gram, Horse gram etc.
Source of Irrigation
Canal 1780
Tube wells45

Thrust Area of the District :

  • Crop diversification : as per land situation through higher remunerative crops viz., maize, oilseeds, pulses, medicinal, flowers and vegetables etc.
  • Varietal Replacement: Introduction to HYV & Hybrids for replacement of low yielding varieties
  • Processing and Value Addition of NTMFP: Major area under forest hence, a hue quantity of forest products are available whole the year
  • House hold Income Generation: Formation of SHG of marginal, landless and farm women for increasing livelihood through income generating activities
  • Soil and Water Conservation: Soil and water conservation measures for reducing land degradation and water recharging
  • Fish cum Duck Farming: Sufficient water surface area for production of fish cum duck culture
  • Organic Farming: Promotion of organic farming through use of FYM, NADEP, Vermicompost, bio-fertilizers etc.